Optimize efficiency and accuracy

The Product Lifecycle Management industry is continuously evolving. Vendors continue to look at opportunities to impact the industry and differentiate from their competition. As a result, development of these products is focused on new modules, new technology, evolving security or moving to entirely new platforms. This approach often results in opportunity for product improvements to be overlooked as they are deemed non-essential.

At J-Squared Technologies Inc.™, we recognize that even the smallest improvements to process can have significant impacts to efficiency and data accuracy. By leveraging an optimal mix of vendor tools, we have developed our Optimize Offerings. The solutions have been designed to fill these product gaps and provide customers with the tools they need to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of their products.


  • Maximize application flexibility and scalability
  • Extend the functionality of the solution
  • Minimize repetitive manual steps and improve efficiency
  • Drive standards and data accuracy through automation
  • Personalization of your application