Elements of an Accelerated Implementation Methodology

At J-Squared Technologies Inc.™, your PLM solution provider, we realize that each customer has elements of their business that makes them unique. Organizations are looking for consultants that can guide them through a process that incorporates industry best practices and leverages past deployments, all while understanding the intricacies of their own business.

In accordance with our many years of experience while providing solutions to our customers, J-Squared has developed the Accelerated Implementation Methodologies (AIM) model that focuses on customer empowerment, user adoption and early time to benefit. These offerings are tailored packaged services that have been developed to help accelerate the return on investment while minimizing the risk.


  • Rapid start-up and deployment
  • Fixed-scope approach
  • Right-sized solution that can scale with your business
  • Industry specific functionality
  • Unprecedented entry-level value to adopt world-class solutions
  • Substantially reduced risk and complexity from traditional implementation approaches
  • Focused on customer empowerment, user adoption, and early time to benefit