Computer Vision & AI-Specific Silicon

In order to address video processing & AI requirements, the FALC family of products have advanced GPU / AI accelerator processing capabilities. The FALC modular architecture is designed to use GPU / AI accelerators that provide superior performance-per-watt ratio (TOPS / Watt).

Stay Connected

Used in stationary and highly mobile edge use cases where connectivity to other devices, equipment, and sensors is critical. The FALC products have a variety of wired and wireless connectivity options making them IoT and V2X ready.

Advanced Thermal Management

Increased compute power = higher thermal output, requiring more advanced cooling solutions to ensure deployment reliability. Our FALC products use complex conduction (including liquid) and convection cooling methods. Additionally, if the application allows, external IP-rated fans can be included to increase cooling.

Extremely Rugged

Built with militarized connectors and fan-less internal designs, the FALC products have IP ratings to withstand dust, sand, and water. Additionally, the connectors have the benefit of secure-locking to ensure the wire harnesses do not come loose under heavy shock & vibration conditions.