Ultra High-Density Storage

The ECHELON family of servers offers unprecedented rugged storage density with up to 16 drives in a 2U server and up to 32 drives in a 4U server. This ensures critical data is secure and protected in extreme environments.

Secure Storage Problem Solver

ECHELON’s rapid removable drive carrier technology allows for the drive carrier (with 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32 drives per bay) to be removed in under 30 seconds. Individual drives are hot-swappable and removable.

Maximizing Throughput

Multiple high throughput 12 Gb/s SAS-3 interfaces deliver full bandwidth to the drive carrier. Data is delivered to dual Xeon® CPUs utilizing four x16 lane PCIe slots assuring maximum throughput. Available with dual-redundancy RAID controller for data integrity and no-fail mission success.