COTS Compatible

Designed to be compatible with standard ATX motherboards to support a variety of COTS storage options. The CUTLASS was architected to enable low-cost, rapid deployments of reliable high-performance computing in space-limited applications.

Rugged and Flexible I/O Options

Built with militarized connectors for secure-locking of wire harnesses under heavy shock and vibration and to withstand dust, sand, and water. These connectors can be configured to support peripheral devices across various I/O ports such as audio, digital, ethernet, fiber optics, video, serial, and USB.

Expansive and Flexible Architecture

With multiple expansion slots of various form factors (M.2, mPCIe, PCIe, Disk-on-Module), the CUTLASS platform offers enhanced functionality options such as high-performance graphics cards for AI and video processing, reflective memory node cards for high-speed multi-cast networking, and avionics interfaces (MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429).