Guaranteed Sunlight-Readable

Built for operation in outdoor environments, TOUGH TOUCH® come with various passive enhancements to increase the sunlight readability. This includes anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings combined with transflective backlight enhancement film that adapts to the index of refraction to increase the ratio of contrast and maximizing overall daylight viewability.

Benefits of Optical Bonding

All TOUGH TOUCH® screens use optically bonded panels, which are better suited for contrast in outdoor conditions as the touch-screen is bonded directly to the display. Additionally, Octagon’s special adhesive increases scratch resistance by 300% over non-bonded display surfaces.

Rugged Touch Screen

Octagon’s Hardened Armoured Touch Screen technology is a more durable solution than a standard resistive screen. It is a scratch-resistant, waterproof, and flexible glass membrane. Deployed in multiple applications world-wide including: military, mining, industrial, emergency vehicles, and public kiosks.

Size Selection

Ranging from 8.4” to 21.5”, there is a TOUGH TOUCH® display for every rugged application.