Octagon Systems

Rugged Computer Systems for extreme environments

Trusted Platform for Critical Software - Superior Support – Relentless Reliability

Octagon Systems is a global leader in computer systems built for use in extreme environments. Our customers move people, equipment and products across land, air and sea. Today’s myriad of applications for rugged computer systems in mining, military, transportation, hauling, and agricultural operations have a common mandate. Superior up-time means higher reliability and a better bottom line in challenging conditions where communications between humans and information systems is necessary.

Octagon’s line of Rugged Electronic Platforms:

  1. OCTAGON TRAX line of Rugged Mobile Computers and Servers are deployed worldwide in some of the world’s most demanding environments.
  2. OCTAGON VANGUARD line of 2U & 3U Rugged Defense Servers are built to exceed military operational demands in a warfare intensive rack mount environment.
  3. OCTAGON CUTLASS line of Small Form Factor Rugged Defense Server.
  4. OCTAGON AI line of compact electronic platforms are built to handle extreme artificial intelligence processing demands in a deployed independent system.
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