Plexus Controls

Located in Ottawa, Canada, Plexus Controls designs and manufactures intelligent wireless based M2M monitoring and control equipment for industrial applications. Their cost effective microcontroller based products have been deployed in Canada and the US, providing data collected from remote sites for regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. Data collected from the field can be viewed and analyzed in real time to support critical plant and infrastructure operations and to support analysis that can establish cause and effect as well as providing histograms and predictive failure analysis.

Plexus Controls product portfolio is based around the Zigbee wireless communications standard at 2.4GHz

Plexus Controls product portfolio is based around the Zigbee wireless communications standard at 2.4GHz

The key attributes of using Plexus Controls wireless mesh network are:

  • No expensive cable/conduit runs & very fast install
  • No tower approvals or multipoint line of sight issues
  • No safety issues in high voltage environments
  • No EMI/safety issues associated with long copper runs
  • Reliable and secure (AES) multi hop Zigbee mesh technology

Plexus Controls advanced intelligent wireless mesh systems deliver an ‘out the box’ deployment experience with advanced software tools that that enables a fast and easy deployment model. At the back end Plexus Controls connects to the internet and the data can be retrieved and managed in several ways:

  • Stand-alone solutions with GUI management and email/SMS alarm notification
  • SQL Database

Product Offering:

Plexus Controls are pleased to announce the release of our new battery powered wireless remote terminal units (RTU’s). These RTU’s use 2 x AA or 2 x C lithium cells for multi-year operation. The portfolio includes:

  • 4-20mA Input
  • 0-5V Input
  • 0-10V Input
  • Surface Temperature

In addition to the single interface battery powered RTU’s, Plexus Controls have a range of multi interface units suited for solar and 24VAC operation. Interface options include digital communications through serial and HART.

Rounding out the portfolio is Plexus Controls Precision Level Reader (PLR). The PLR system is a portable water depth management tool designed to manage water table levels across a wide area such as a landfill site. The PLR system time/date and GPS stamps all data to ensure the most accurate and error free data.

Plexus 4-20mA Loop L OutPlexus 4-20mA Loop M OutPlexus Repeater IndoorPlexus Hub Out