LITEMAX Electronics

LITEMAX Electronics Inc., was founded in 2000 and introduced the world markets to their expertise in LCD backlight systems based on their Advanced Brightness Technology. Litemax immediately launched a series of Outdoor Displays with brightness levels of 800 to 2,000 nits enabling clear visibility even in bright sunlight conditions. The core markets for these displays being Digital Signage, Public Transportation Advertising, ATM’s, Public Information Kiosk, Outdoor Display Walls, Navigation Displays, and Military Displays.

With h3 R&D manufacturing, marketing, and sales teams, LITEMAX’s mission is to offer innovative VHB Very High Brightness LCD product with mass-production capability. Currently, VHB LCD has been successfully applied in several industry displays, including LCD-TV, automobile TV, multimedia LCD monitor, ATM & Kiosk display, outdoor sunlight-readable display, and video-wall display, marine display, military display, etc.

Products Include

Durapixel LED B/L LCD

  • DLF Series
  • DLH Series

Spanpixel Resizing LCD

  • SSF Series
  • SSH Series
  • SSD Series

Transpixel Transparency LCD

  • STD Series

AOT Optical Binding

  • OLF Series
  • OLH Series

Open Frame LCD Display

  • SLO series

Chassis LCD Display

  • SLD Series

Navpixel Marine Grade

  • NPD Series
  • NPS Series

Ruggcore Fanless Controller

  • REC Series

Panel PC Systems

  • PPS Series

Digital Signage Solutions

  • Durapixel SLA Series
  • Spanpixel SSA Series
  • Spanpixel SSB Series
  • Spansign SLB Series
  • Transpixel STA Series
  • Litile Display Wall

LCD Monitor

  • SLM Series


  • SBC-Industrial Motheboard
  • HDMI Daisy Chain Board
  • LED Driving Board
  • AD Board
  • SMB Board
  • Power Board
  • Inverter Board


Litemax Display