IEI Technology USA Corp

IEI Technology USA Corp. is a leading industrial computing service provider integrating computing platforms and customization services. IEI supplies hundreds of industrial computer boards, systems and peripherals in thousands of customer applications, and supports OEM/ODM services to reduce our customers’ engineering effort and accelerate the product development process to help customers get ahead of the market competition. IEI has an innovative R&D team and an intelligent management system to ensure high quality assurance with over 400 products passing through more than 100 channel partners. We pride ourselves with providing our customers fast, quality, time-to-market services all over the globe.


IEI Products

  • Embedded Boards
  • Wide Temperature Embedded Systems
  • Clinical Medical Displays
  • Medical Panel PC
  • Rugged Mobile PC
  • Industrial PCs
  • Integration Services
IEI modat-531IEI AFL3IEI POC-W22A-H81