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Cimtech has emerged as one of the industry’s most progressive, responsive and trusted automation and engineering solutions providers.
Our company was established in 1987 in Charlotte, NC, with eight employees and one product line. Over the years, we developed vast expertise in factory floor automation, focusing on leading technology such as networking, open architecture and enterprise systems. Our circle of relationships with high-quality manufacturers continues to widen, and our capabilities expanded to keep pace with the needs of the global automation marketplace.

Computer Dynamics Products


  • GE intelligent platforms controls solutions
  • GE energy and ED&C drives
  • Sick sensors and safety products
  • Computer dynamics industrial pc’s and monitors
  • Cognex machine vision and ID readers
  • Emerson control techniques drives and motion products
  • Hirschmann industrial networking
  • LMI 3d vision
  • Proface operator interface and HMI
  • GE intelligent platforms privacy software
  • Horner electric operator control station (OCS)
  • Denso robotics


CIMTEC increases productivity through process efficiency improvements for a wide variety of industrial automation clients. In updating and implementing hundreds of successful automation projects over the last two decades, our design engineers and project managers have a proven track record of improving manufacturing processes and streamlining engineered production systems.
Our system design engineers work closely with you to understand your existing processes and your desired production goals. Applying our many years of automation engineering experience in implementing automation projects, we can recommend the factory automation products and engineering design approach that will best solve your application to meet your goals.
Under the direction of a Project Manager assigned to your automation solution, our team of automation engineers will bring together the mechanical, electrical and software engineering aspects of your control system. The goal of each engineered system is to deliver improvements in productivity, efficiency and quality that will allow your process and factory to operate at its greatest capacity.
Once the solution is operational in your factory, you can count on continued support for the life of your system. Whether you need help to troubleshoot the system, spare parts, parts repaired, or start-up assistance, we’re with you every step of the way. You can count on CIMTEC’s Automation Engineering services for the life of your automation system.


"One size fits all"? At CIMTEC, we know that’s never the case. Yet over the years CIMTEC has developed unique application knowledge in key industries. We start with our vast knowledge of your industry and are able to tailor and customize our automation solutions to your exact requirements.
Often our solutions to industry-specific needs are innovative and flexible enough to easily adapt to similar uses in other industries. Here are a few of our Pre Engineered Industrial Automation Solutions:

Sentinel Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)
Specifically designed for monitoring fresh-water processes, yet versatile enough to work in any RTU application. The Sentinel RTU solutions are designed to work in any Remote Monitoring or Telemetry application and are ready to deploy right out of the box. Applications for this solution include Lift Station Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Homeland Security, Mobile Asset Management, Energy Management Systems, Remote Data Collection, Utility Service Monitoring, Stand-by Power Monitoring, Off Shore Applications, and Oil and Gas Monitoring.

Vision Metrics Vision Software Solution
Vision Metrics is machine vision software that communicates with your machine vision cameras via an existing plant Ethernet network. It collects and stores all inspection results and images created by each camera and makes data available to users anywhere in the plant with an easy to use web browser interface. This solution provides visual confirmation of quality inspection, provides operators with statistical trends in real time, and improves the effectiveness of existing resources.

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