Apro was founded in April 2004 and had become the leading industrial NAND flash storage products in Taiwan and one of the major industrial NAND flash storage providers worldwide. Headquartered in Taipei County and having over 30 employees, Apro has exceeded quality expectations and performance in the global marketplaces.

APRO Products

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  • Industrial flash cards
  • Industrial solid state disk
  • Industrial secure erase SSD
  • Industrial flash modules
  • Industrial USB flash disk

MLC NAND Flash Storage

  • Solid state disks
  • MLC secure Erase SSD
  • Flash cards
  • Flash modules
  • USB flash disks

Industrial Adapters

  • 2.5 inch IDE to CF card adapter
  • 2.5 inch SATA I to CF card adapter
  • 1.8 inch SATA II to CFast Card adapter

Industrial Card-Drivers

  • 3.5 inch IDE slot card drive
  • 3.5 inch IDE to 2 slot card drive
APRO Compact FlashAPRO Flash SSD