Adlink Technologies

ADLINK is a world class provider of Industrial Building Blocks (IBB) and Industrial Application Platforms (IAP) for embedded computing, measurement and automation applications. With its headquarters in Taiwan, ADLINK has operations in North America, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Japan, Korea and Germany. Since their inception in 1995, ADLINK has been providing state-of-the-art computing products and technical support to customers.

There are 3 main product segments that ADLINK’s products are divided into. They are:

Embedded Computing Solutions

Working closely with Intel, ADLINK ensures that they develop and introduce innovative computing technologies by implementing their embedded computing roadmaps and selecting computer solutions that best fit their target markets. These markets include Industrial Automation, Military/Aerospace, Transportation, Telecom & Networking, Medical, Power & Energy, Intelligent Systems and Test & Measurement.

Range of products within this segment include:

  • Advanced TCA Processor Blades and Platforms
  • Compact PCI/PlusIO
  • VPX
  • Industrial SBCs, Motherboards and Chassis
  • Embedded Flash Storage
  • Computer-On-Modules
  • Rugged Small Form Factor SBCs & Systems
  • Fanless Embedded Computer


Measurement and Automation

The mission of ADLINK’s measurement and automation product segment (MAPS) is to provide the best performance-cost ratio and highest quality products for industrial I/O control, motion control, digital imaging, data acquisition, and modular instrument applications. ADLINK continues to develop new PCI ExpressR cards for high bandwidth applications, PXI controllers with latest CPUs and chipsets, higher speed and greater resolution DIO cards and digitizers, and the most advanced motion controllers. Their products support multiple operating systems and include comprehensive and easy-to-use software packages and services.

Range of products within this segment include:

  • DAQ (Data Acquisition) Cards
  • PXI & Modular Instruments
  • Machine Vision
  • Modular Instrument (Digitizer)
  • Motion Control Cards
  • GPIB
  • Distributed I/O
  • Remote I?O
  • Communication Cards
  • PAC
  • Bus Expansion


Industrial Mobile Computing

This product segment offers rugged industrial mobile product solutions, together with mobile operating systems. Applications benefiting from ADLINK’s expertise include logistics management, manufacturing, medical, retail trade, and transportation, especially those requiring use in harsh and demanding environments.

IMPS product lines include:

  • Industrial Mobile Handheld Computers
  • Smart Panels
  • Smart Touch Computer
ADLINK Industrial Building Blocks