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About J-Squared

J-Squared Technologies Inc. has been supporting and supplying the North American electronics marketplace for over 25 years with electronic products and services. Our Technical Sales force, with a deep understanding of industry leading technology products, works closely with our customers’ engineering and operations groups to understand and provide solutions to their long term technical and performance needs.

The J-Squared Distribution division collaborates with some of the world’s premier OEM manufacturers to provide significant long term value to our customers.

Install reflective memory in your system now!

J-Squared is the world’s largest distributor and authorized global provider of all Abaco systems Reflective Memory devices.

J-Squared Technologies, in partnership with Abaco provides a complete solution to connect PMC, VME, PCI or PCIe nodes together in real time, with a comprehensive suite of network node performance analysis utilities in Windows, Linux or VxWorks.

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Whether on wheels or on rail, the transportation industry must have devices that can withstand diverse, harsh environments. With a need for long-term performance and resistance to shock and vibration, we carry the products that have the capability to perform efficiently and consistently in harsh environments.

Military and Aerospace

Industrial single board computers and modules, rugged tablets, mission-ready servers and much more for your military and aerospace applications. J-Squared has high-performance products and rugged solutions based on industry standards and certification for reliable, mission-critical applications.


J-Squared has an extensive product offering that meets the specific /precise needs of the medical industry. From clinical displays to panel PCs and power supplies designed specifically for medical applications, our team can help assess your needs and provide reliable solutions that meet all of your medical requirements.

Industrial Automation

J-Squared is able to offer both off-the-shelf products as well as customized parts for factory automation, appliances, lifting/handling equipment and packaging systems just to name some. We have the product and expertise to deliver the solution that fits your needs

Energy & Mining

From rugged LCD monitors to hazardous location switches and products with Class 1 Division 1 and Class 1 Division 2 certifications, J-Squared carries a broad range of products for your oil & gas drilling, exploration and production, wind generator or solar applications. We carry intrinsically safe and non-incendive devices that provide solutions for both onshore and offshore applications with combustible gas or dust environments.