Custom development from in-house experts

Our team can create a powerful, reliable, and efficient product tailored to your application, utilizing specialized expertise and experience across technologies, systems and architectures.

  • Advanced FPGA configuration 
  • VHDL programming 
  • Embedded hardware and software 
  • High-speed signal design 
  • TEMPEST (red-black) secure signal separation design 
  • IoT and connectivity solutions 
  • Real-time operating systems 
  • Sensor fusion 
  • Power efficiency optimization 
  • AI Inferencing architectures 
  • Avionics Interfaces (ARINC-429, MIL-STD-1553B) 
  • VPX / OpenVPX and SOSA design 
  • VME / VME64x design 
  • And a wide range of associated techniques and technologies